Those who have had their iPhones become wet through no fault of their own have our deepest sympathies. It might be broken, and its priceless memories might be lost. Read on because there is a glimmer of hope; here’s what the experts in iPhone Repair in Houston want you to do.

Fingers Crossed: Tips to Save a Water Damaged iPhone

While we can’t guarantee that you will always be able to save your iPhone, these suggestions will offer you a good chance. Beware: your chances of success are significantly reduced if you accidentally drop your water into a sugary beverage or soapy water since interior parts may have been irreparably harmed. Other than that check our iPhone repair discount offers.

#1 Don’t Turn it On

You should adamantly resist the urge to turn on your wet iPhone in order to check if it still functions. You shouldn’t attempt to turn the smartphone on because doing so could harm it and cause internal components to short circuit. Avoid activating the device in any way other than briefly to turn it off (turning the device off is risky because you must activate it, but you don’t want it to turn on for any reason during the next few steps, so it’s a risk you may need to take once you’ve dried it a little).

#2 Undress

Take the case off of your iPhone. Take off any screen shields. There is no need for the liquid that is wedged between the chassis and the case of your smartphone.

#3 Drying Out

The smartphone must first be dried out. Pay close attention to the switches, earphones, and power ports as you gently wipe the device with a clean material. Be very cautious when drying inside these spaces because you don’t want to push more moisture inside your iPhone. To try to remove any liquid that may still be inside, gently shake the device for a time.

#4 Remove the SIM

Plus, pat the tray down carefully. Try to dislodge any liquid that may be stuck in the device by gently shaking it.

#5 Don’t Use a Hair Dryer

If you have liquid on the outside of your gadget, you can try drying it with a hairdryer, but that probably won’t help with the moisture inside. It increases the likelihood that any trapped liquid will condense, potentially causing further internal damage as it spreads throughout the system. Wait a day or two before using a hair dryer, and set it to a low heat setting if you must. Your smartphone should never be left to dry out on a radiator.

#6 Pack it in Silicon

If you’ve been lucky enough to amass a large supply of the silica bags that can be found in the packaging of virtually any electronic device, you may rest assured that your iPhone will be safe within. Put the iPhone in the middle of the bag pile, cover it with the lid, and let it for at least 48 hours. At least until then, you should not open the box or poke around inside of it to prevent more condensation damage.

#7 Get the Rice

You can also bury your iPhone for 48 hours in a sealed box or a plastic bag full of uncooked rice if you don’t have any silica bags. As a result of its strong affinity for liquids, rice has long been used in this age-old method popular among electricians. In theory, the rice will soak up any remaining moisture on your iPhone, allowing you to get it back up and running as soon as possible without risking any damage. While this strategy does have a chance of success, it can sometimes backfire by filling your smartphone with rice dust.

#8 Use a Hairdryer (if it has a cool wind setting)

If, after 48 hours, your wet iPhone still won’t turn on, you’ll have to go the extra mile (albeit a bit extreme) to get it working again. If fluids have damaged your iPhone, you can try to dry it with a hairdryer, but do with caution. Cool your phone by blowing a low-powered hair dryer over it. The air currents won’t harm your device if you maintain your phone at a safe distance. Turn off the dryer immediately if you see your phone getting hot when drying clothes.

#9 Now, Backup

Even if you manage to dry out your iPhone and get it back up and running, you should realize that it probably won’t be the same. Water damage to an iPhone can manifest as persistent battery issues (even months later), random crashes, instability, and failed startup routines; if these solutions work to get your iPhone started, you should immediately back up your data. At least you won’t lose everything as long as you have a recent backup of your iPhone stored in iCloud or iTunes.

#10 Take it to Repair

Try calling a nearby shop specializing in iPhone repair in Houston and asking if they can help. The battery may need to be swapped out, and they can also assist with that. You can also negotiate a trade-in offer for a refurbished iPhone by visiting an Apple Store and explaining the situation.

Note: Apple recommends that anyone buying a used iPhone always follow these guidelines to ensure the phone has not been stolen and has not been damaged by water.


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