iPhone 6 Repair


We are your experts in iPhone repair! Need a repair? Get a fast online quote now.



Screen Repairs

Is your phone screen cracked, blacked out, or no longer reacting to touch? Contact us now to get your screen repaired fast!
Water Damage

Getting your phone wet is one of the worst feelings. Not all hope is lost when you bring your device to MacN’Droid. We will assess the damage, and try our best to fix it.
Connectivity Problems

Does your phone have bad signal or drop calls? Let us check out your device and find the source of the issue.

Can’t hear people on your phone, or do people struggle to hear you? This may be an easy fix with a speaker or microphone replacement.
& Much More!

Not sure if we can repair your broken device? No worries, bring it in to our location for us to give you an accurate quote on your repair.
Battery/Charging Issues

Batteries and charging issues are some of the most common issues we take care of. get a new battery or charging port and get your phone like new.
Button Issues

Is that faulty button keeping you from getting the most out of your phone? Let us switch it out for you and extend the life of your phone.


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