There is a big difference between using an iPhone and an Android phone. This is because the system and interface of the iPhone are way different than that of an Android phone. Talking specifically about iPhone users, there are some common problems that they have to face. In this article, we will talk about these common problems and their possible solutions. Make sure to hire a Cell Phone Repair in Houston to fix your iPhone problems. In the effort of fixing your problems yourself, you might cause more damage to your iPhone. Consider MacNdroid for our iPhone repair services because we are trustworthy and experienced.

Major iPhone Problems to Call Cell Phone Repair in Houston

These are some of the most common problems iPhone users face, for which they should call cell phone repair in Houston. Always look for a certified and skilled repair technician to hand over your iPhone.

Data Loss

One major problem with iPhone users is that they often face data loss situations. This happens especially after jailbreak or making an upgrade. As a result, many of your contacts, messages, videos, and photos are lost. To help yourself with this situation, take the help of iTunes backup. But this would work only if you seek selective recovery, including extra videos and messages. Visit iPhone Repair in Houston for further assistance. An expert technician will have multiple ways of saving your data from losing or will recover your lost data somehow. On the other hand, you can also take the help of different software for your iPhone data recovery.

Water Damage

Some iPhones are water resistant, but not all. This means iPhone users still have to face water damage problems if they accidentally drop their phone in water or spill any liquid on its surface. Moreover, the degree of water resistance each iPhone model provides is also different, which means even if your phone is waterproof, it can still get damaged to some extent. With an iPhone, there is a big risk that your water-damaged phone might not turn on again. Moreover, there is a great chance you will lose your data if your phone is water damaged. The most important thing to remember is that Apple does not offer any warranty for liquid damages, which is why you should contact Repair Services to fix this problem.

Battery Issue

The most common problem iPhone users have to face is low battery performance. An iPhone’s battery will drain very fast, so users have to charge their phones repeatedly. This problem is mostly seen after making an IOS upgrade. You can control the high battery-consuming apps or factory reset your iPhone to fix this issue. Visit an iPhone and iPad Repair store to get high-quality battery-fixing services. 


You must have understood the most common iPhone problems and their solutions by now. We always recommend hiring a cell phone repair in Houston services than trying to fix the issues yourself. Always look for affordable and durable service providers to fix your iPhone issues. MacNdroid is a well-reputed service provider in the market, and our iPhone repair services are up to quality standards. Visit our official website for more details and information.

Most Important FAQs

Is electrical damage covered in the warranty?

No electrical damages are not covered in the warranty because they are not by the fault of the accessory or product. Phone problems caused by connecting your phone with incompatible accessories resulting in short circuits are also not covered under warranty. Moreover, your phone warranty will not be valid in case of broken feels or all tampering evidence after the battery. Make sure to read the variety guide of your service provider to know more about the warranty protocols in detail.

My phone’s battery is swollen. Should I replace it?

If your phone’s battery is swollen, replace it as soon as possible. This swollen battery will not give efficient performance and will decrease the usage hours of your phone. Also, if you keep on using a swollen battery in your phone, it might lead to risks of further damage by battery burst. So for your safety and the protection of your phone, make sure to get your battery replaced if it is swollen. Ask a Cell Phone Repair in Houston for professional help in this regard.

How to protect your phone screen from breaking?

To protect your phone screen from breaking, it is advised to protect it with a screen protector. This protector provides an additional coating to your phone screen and prevents direct contact of the screen with any objects that it crashes with. As a result, your screen is protected from direct force or hit. Get a good quality screen protector for your phone to offer better and more durable protection. Also, do not put your phone in the pocket along with keys and other sharp objects.

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